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    At last members will now have a place to express their views and opinions. This is important because the NxO Forum Staff has deemed it important that there be a place to have our voices heard. An open communication line is essential in the development of a community. I urge everybody to participate and tell the leaders of the forum what you guys really think.

    Tell the community what you love about NxO. Maybe your favorite cracker or fellow member needs some public praising. Do it here. You can never give enough appreciation.

    Is there something you dislike about this forum? Don't be afraid and tell it here. We all know nobody is perfect. The Forum Staff might have overlooked something. They might never know unless you tell them. It is good to give friendly reminders so things can be rectified. There is always room for improvement and like they many heads are better than one!

    Or maybe you have this perfect idea that will help NxO become a better community. We would like to hear about it. Maybe you want an additional forum or sub-forum. This is the right place to make suggestions. Don't worry if your english is not perfect. What is important is to get your message across and not how you say it.

    NxO staff has agreed to read all your comments and opinions. However, they do not guarantee that they will follow all your suggestions but at least you will be heard. If they feel that it will benefit NxO then it will done, maybe after a little refinement or so. And you might be surprised how accomodating and fast the NxO Staff can be.

    So that there might be no misunderstanding, forum rules still apply here just like anywhere else. Crazy ideas is acceptable because a lot of good inventions came from what most people think was crazy. Rant and rave all you want but this is not a license to spam or flame anybody.

    Here at NxO we value our members. Help us build a better community. Thank you.
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