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Discussion in 'Feedback / Support' started by xD3M0Nx, Aug 25, 2014.

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    At the end of the day, this is a cracking community, we should have more sections to reflect that. I would like to see the public cracking section broken down into cracking tools, wordlist/ proxies, and tutorials. (Maybe even a section for asking cracking questions.) and eventually some original material posted in the tutorial sections.(Maybe ask old school, or retired crackers to write up some of their experience for the next generation.) (We could start by re-posting or pining the scattered tuts already submitted). Update it with new popular tools, Sentry MBA configs etc.. Then advertise the section in the wild to draw new cracking focused members ..

    I know it use to be much larger, then was scaled back, but a password based forum should have a vibrant cracking community/culture. IMO, the thing that has away set us apart from the rest was the respectful, mature environment. Almost like a crackers code...

    Anyways that my 2 cents...
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  2. The Crow


    Thanks for the suggestions. We'll be making some changes in the near future (within the next month). It's really a shame that we have such a small active community when we have so many things to share; it's always been intentional to keep it that way, but I think we're ready to finally grow to our full potential.

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