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    Rules To Follow When Posting In Adult Images

    * Use existing threads.
    Please don't start a new thread if one has already been started. (Use the search function & make sure a thread hasn't already been started for the girl you're posting.)

    * About Hide Function
    If you are going to use one of the hide functions in image section, it is preferred that you use the "HRT" button rarther than "HIDE".
    The "HRT" button creates HIDE-REPLY-THANKS tags for you to hide your links if you wish to do so. The "HRT" option gives people the option of clicking the "Thanks" button or replying to see the hidden content.

    * Post In The Correct Place
    If your photo set contains hardcore content (penatrive sex, blowjobs etc..) then i'm sure you know where it goes, Hardcore section.

    Any softcore sets (including masturbation) go in the appropiate section e.g. Caucasians, Asians etc..

    The rest of the sections are self-explanatory & they've all got a small description of what belongs there.

    * Please personalize your download links, if you upload often with personalized links it will most likely get you promoted to a higher status, as we love members who take time to upload their own content. ;;)
    Click HERE to learn more about promotion.

    *There are 2 ways to personalize link depending where you upload to:

    If you are uploading to Rapidshare it will include the file name within the downlink. So before you upload simply rename your file by adding your username on the end -

    Example: My file is called "Jacks POV 9",
    i rename it to "Jacks POV 9_spliffyNxO"


    *If you are uploading to Megarotic you would just add your username to the file description on the download page.

    Doing the above lets us know you are prepared to put the time & effort in to upload your own content to our board, & also shows us you have taken the time to read the rules.. :):

    * Suggestions For Posting Large Photo Sets
    Just a suggestion, when you have a large set of images to post, rarther than upload every image just post say 10 sample pics from various parts of the set & then upload the full set in a zip file to a file host. This will not only save you time but will make threads load faster. (Remember not everyone has high speed internet or lots of RAM, it can sometimes take for ever to load image threads with lots of images on each post. You cans still post full image sets in their entirety, but try not to do this for every set you post.

    * Image Hosts - One of the most popular & most reliable place to upload your images. You can upload upto 10 images a time. - Not one of the most reliable i've seen, but a very good site. You can upload upto 20 images a time in the normal way, or 100's if you put them in a zip file. - This is similar to ImageVenue, you can upload upto 10 images a time.

    Those are the only 3 that i know that are any good. If i find any more i'll update the list as i come across them.


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