Rules & Guidelines For Posting + How To Hide Links [UPDATED: Oct 2008]

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    These are the Rules & Guidelines to follow when posting in these sections

    1. When posting your Full Adult Movies or Scenes & Clips please include the following:

    *The model/pornstars name in the thread title for scenes/clips. & also the name of the scene & website if the clip is from a website, or name of dvd title if it's a scene from a dvd.
    If it's a Full Adult Movie, then just title of the movie is fine.

    *Some info/description about the full movie, scene or clip, & if possible the screen dimensions, running time, file format (DivX, WMV etc..) & file size in MB's. If your file includes a password you must also include this.

    *Screen shots or at the very least a picture of the star of the scene or clip.
    For Full Adult Movie posts the cover & screen shots would be nice if available. Dvd covers are easily found using search engines, so you must at least post the cover.

    2. Please hide your download links using the "HIDE" button in the posting toolbar.

    Here's some steps to follow in case you haven't hidden links before:

    * Select the download links you wish to hide by left clicking & dragging over them, making sure you DON'T select your sreenshots by mistake (we want people to see those).

    * Once you've selected your links click on HIDE & it's done!

    3. Try to make sure each thread you make has 50mb worth of videos in it.

    If your video is less than 50mb please upload at least 50mb worth of videos before posting your thread, this helps us a lot by keeping the forum clean of many threads with very small files in them.

    4. All videos must have screenshots/caps to show what the content is.

    * Threads posted without screencaps can & will be removed without warning & at our discretion

    5. Please personalize the files you upload, if you upload often with personalized links it will most likely get you promoted to a higher status, as we love members who take time to upload their own content. ;;)

    *There are 2 ways to personalize link depending where you upload to:

    If you are uploading to Rapidshare it will include the file name within the downlink. So before you upload simply rename your file by adding your username on the end -

    Example: My file is called "Jacks POV 9",
    i rename it to "Jacks POV 9_spliffyNxO"


    *If you are uploading to Megarotic you would just add your username to the file description on the download page.

    Alternatively you can password your zip/rar files & set the pass as your username, but personalizing the link is preferred.

    Doing the above lets us know you are prepared to put the time & effort in to upload your own content to our board, & also shows us you have taken the time to read the rules.. :):

    6. Posting any of the below material will not be tolerated & will get you BANNED!

    * No Underaged Content - All participants must be of 18 yrs or over .

    * No Animal porn. (Beastiality)

    * No Snuff. [real or staged]

    * No Necrophilia.

    * No Rape or Violent Sex [real or staged, we DON'T want it here!] .

    * No Incest [real or fake]

    * No Child birth.

    * No Scat or Vomit.

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