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    If you're reading this it means you're already accessing Frackers on our new server. We're going to be testing it for a month and if it performs properly then we're going to keep it. Originally I wanted a different one, but this one was also high on my priority list, so hopefully it will do a good job and we won't have to move again anytime soon.

    One of the new things the new server allows us to do is to have a good search system, our old vBulletin search was slow, inaccurate and very heavy, at least on my tests so far here, the new search is very fast and accurate, and in theory it shouldn't have any impact on the server's resources.

    In the following days I'll be tweaking the server some more to improve performance, so please be patient when/if you see the forum offline.

    Please report any bugs or things missing, it'll make our job a lot easier. ;)

    Welcome to the new Frackers and thanks again everyone for your support and patience! :)

    Frackers Administration
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